The Visegrad Patent Institute organised the annual meeting of the European PCT Search Authorities in Prague

The Visegrad Patent Institute organised the annual meeting of the European PCT Search Authorities in Prague

18th June 2018

The Permanent Committee on Harmonisation of Search Activities, which comprises the European International Search and Examination Authorities, held its 16th meeting on the 13th June 2018. The meeting was hosted by Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic on behalf of the Visegrad Patent Institute. Twenty-nine delegates participated in the meeting from eight International Authorities:

  • Austrian Patent Office,
  • European Patent Office,
  • Finnish Patent and Registration Office,
  • Nordic Patent Institute,
  • Spanish Patent and Trademark Office,
  • Swedish Patent and Registration Office,
  • Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and
  • Visegrad Patent Institute.

Participants of the meeting

The participants discussed issues relating quality management as well as collaboration in use of databases, search tools and training during the meeting. Pairwise comparisons of international search reports were also analysed to harmonise the content and quality of the international search done by European authorities.



Visegrad Patent Institute joined the Global Patent Prosecution Highway

The Visegrad Patent Institute (VPI), which has its seat in Budapest, became a full member of the Global Patent Prosecution Highway, a network of the 25 most important patent offices in the world. VPI – established by the intellectual property offices of the four Visegrad countries, started its operations one and a half years ago and is dealing with an increasing number of cases – significantly reduces the costs of obtaining international patents and extends the possibility of using Hungarian, Czech, Polish and Slovak as languages.

Based on the cooperation network of the patent offices of the most developed countries, GPPH is an instrument facilitating accelerated proceedings to obtain international protection. VPI joined this network as the 25th member, thus later in the international patent procedure, the concerned applications can be examined significantly faster by the proceeding patent offices on the basis of the search and preliminary examination reports drawn up by VPI. In 2016, VPI issued 14 search reports, while in 2017 the number of search reports amounted to 123. Two thirds of the requests were submitted in one of the national languages and one third in English. From among the requests submitted in 2017, 48% came from Poland, 30% from Hungary, 17% from the Czech Republic and 5% from Slovakia.

LT Lithuania (competent International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authorities)

The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania has specified, with effect from 1 June 2017, the Visegrad Patent Institute (VPI), in addition to the EPO and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) (Russian Federation), as competent International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authority for international applications filed by nationals and residents of Lithuania with the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania, or with the International Bureau, as receiving Office. (Updating of PCT Applicant’s Guide, Annex C (LT)).

Half-year results of the Visegrad Patent Institute

The Visegrad Patent Institute received 53 international search request and issued 59 International Search Reports in the first half of 2017. Approximatly two third of the search requests were made in connection to international patent applications filed in one of the official languages of the V4 countries (Czech, Hungarian, Polish or Slovak), requests to search applications in English amounted to about one third of the total requests.

Hungarian branch office succesfully defended its ISO certification for the seventh time

The ISO 9001 standard certification of the HIPO’s quality management system - including the PCT (international search and preliminary examination) procedures performed for the Visegrad Patent Institute – was succesfully completed within the framework of the renewal audit which took place between 5 and 7 December 2016. The certification was made by the SGS Hungária Ltd, a member of the Switzerland-based SGS (Société Generale de Surveillance) Group.