Supplementary International Search

Additional search for a more complete overview of the prior art


The supplementary international search service offers applicants the choice to request additional searches from ISAs other than the one that is carried out in the initial PCT search. This service gives applicants the option to obtain a more complete overview of the prior art in the international phase by allowing them to have an additional search performed in an ISA’s specialty language. The Visegrad Patent Institute is one of the ISAs that offer supplementary international searches.

The Search

The supplementary international search shall, in addition to the PCT minimum documentation, cover at least the documents in Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak, held in the collection of the VPI.

The Process and Delivery Time

Applicants can request a supplementary international search report by a supplementary ISA up to 19 months from the filing (priority) date. The supplementary international search is carried out concerning the PCT application as filed.

• The Supplementary Search Authority (SSA) begins the supplementary search at the latest by the expiration of 22 months from the priority date,

• The supplementary international search report (SISR) shall be established within 28 months from the priority date. The SISR is transmitted to the PCT applicant and the International Bureau.


A request for a supplementary international search shall be filed with the International Bureau (WIPO).


The supplementary search fee and supplementary search handling fee shall be paid to the International Bureau within one month from the date of receipt of the supplementary search request (Rule 45bis.3(c) PCT).



The PCT is an international treaty that makes it possible to seek patent protection simultaneously in a large number of countries by filing a single application. Granting the patent remains under the national or regional legislation.

Fees and Refunds


Download the Search Fee Refund Form from this page and find detailed instructions on how to submit it for quick payment. Read about our quality assurance and the legal framework of the operation of the VPI in our official documents.

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