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In 2023, the Visegrad Patent Institute was Nr. 1 worldwide in respect of timeliness in establishing international search reports according to the 2024 PCT yearly review of the WIPO.

Why choose the Visegrad Patent Institute


The Visegrad Patent Institute is an intergovernmental organization with the main objective to offer users of the patent system from the Central and Eastern European region a favourable and efficient option for obtaining

patent protection abroad and to facilitate their access to the PCT system.

In this role, the VPI acts as International Searching Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA) for the nationals and residents of the contracting states: the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Poland and the Slovak Republic as well as for international applications filed by nationals and residents of Lithuania and Serbia.

Benefits of choosing the VPI an ISA / IPEA

ISA / IPEA right next door

The VPI operates in the proximity of Central Europe-an applicants, seated in Budapest and with branch offices in the Contracting States. Applicants can file with their respective national patent offices as receiving office besides the WIPO.

Use your national language

Applicants from the Contracting States can use their respective national languages when filing the international application. Translation to any of the PCT’s languages (for example to English) can follow at a later stage, for the purpose of publication. The use of national languages grants bigger ease of communication with the VPI’s branch offices, too.

Significant fee reduction

40% fee reduction is granted in cases where the VPI benefits from the results of an earlier search carried out by any of the national offices of the Contracting States.
Applicants who decide to opt for a European regional phase receive a fee reduction of 1150 € from the supplementary search fee for a European search report. The amount paid as supplementary search fee is also taken into account later in the procedure.

Highly skilled examiners from all technical fields

The substantive work of the VPI is carried out by the patent offices of the Contracting States, therefore, the VPI relies on the professional expertise of 160 experienced patent examiners.

Harmonised practice with the EPO

The VPI is part of the network of the European ISA / IPEAs. Our examiners are continuously trained in order to deliver fast and high-quality work and to follow a harmonised practice with the European Patent Office in all fields of technology.



The PCT is an international treaty that makes it possible to seek patent protection simultaneously in a large number of countries by filing a single application. Granting the patent remains under the national or regional legislation.

Fees and Refunds


Download the Search Fee Refund Form from this page and find detailed instructions on how to submit it for quick payment. Read about our quality assurance and the legal framework of the operation of the VPI in our official documents.

Knowledge hub


The Knowledge hub of the Visegrad Patent Institute was created to share research, statistics, industrial best practice and benchmark information about international patenting in the Visegrad countries through publications and events.