The Novelty Search Service (NSS) provided by the Visegrad Patent Institute (VPI) is carried out under the Agreement on the Visegrad Patent Institute (VPI). The NSS is a Global Patent Search Service of the VPI that can be requested by anybody worldwide regardless of nationality.

The Objective of Novelty Search Service (NSS)

Novelty Search Service (NSS) provides prior art/state-of-the art information for a given invention/technical solution. NSS identifies patent documents and other publications that can be taken into account for the assessment of novelty and inventive step requirement in respect of the described invention.

NSS can be useful in a number of situations, such as preparing a patent application, in an enforcement situation, negotiating with investors, exploiting a patent (licensing, selling, starting production, investing in import or export activities, etc.), or identifying possible research and development directions.

The Process

There are no formal requirements regarding the description of the invention or technical solution. However, to gain the most out of the service, it is advisable to disclose the information on the subject matter similarly detailed to a patent application.

Novelty Search Service (NSS) is performed in databases of patent and non-patent literature covering the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Minimum Documentation.

NSS is provided in English. Therefore, the Order Form for NSS is to be filed in English and all documents are to be submitted in English. Novelty Search Report (NSR) is also issued in English.

Orders for NSS shall be filed by completing the Oder Form for Global Patent Services. The Order Form is to be sent directly to the Branch Office of the VPI selected by the customer for the provision of the Global Patent Search Services by mail or email.

Contact information of participating Branch Offices:

Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
mail to: H-1081 Budapest, II. János Pál pápa tér 7., Hungary
email to:

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Time Limits and Delivery

The Visegrad Patent Institute will establish a Novelty Search Report (NSR) within four weeks from the date of the confirmation of the order that is issued when the order with all the necessary information enabling a meaningful search on the invention is available and the fee of the service was paid to the VPI.

The NSR contains a brief summary of the cited documents (patent documents and other prior art data) with their relation to the invention shown by means of relevant applied international category codes, i.e. X, Y and A.”


Establishing the Novelty Search Report (NSR) has a flat fee of EUR 800. The fee shall be paid directly to the following account of the Visegrad Patent Institute by bank transfer at the time of placing the order.

Account holder: Visegrad Patent Institute
Name and address of bank: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt., 116-118. Váci út 1133 Budapest, Hungary
IBAN: HU66-12012204-01799099-00200000

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The PCT is an international treaty that makes it possible to seek patent protection simultaneously in a large number of countries by filing a single application. Granting the patent remains under the national or regional legislation.

Fees and Refunds


Download the Search Fee Refund Form from this page and find detailed instructions on how to submit it for quick payment. Read about our quality assurance and the legal framework of the operation of the VPI in our official documents.

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